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Army Housing Estate Block C48, Warri Delta State.

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Ebenco Global link ltd is a veteran, indigenous and integrated oil and Gas Business. We capture a wide spectrum services in this sector with a combination of about 25 years of sustained and consistency servicing clients, end-users and customers.

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Petroleum Waste Management and Pollution Control and Environmental

Our 15 years of practice in waste management and pollution control, Ebenco have developed mastery and enlarged capacity as an Industry leader. Ebenco's commitment to sustaining and remaining the leader in waste management is evident having invested heavily In state-of-the-art equipment, thereby providing best available techniques in waste management and disposal. Ebenco boast of a standard waste managementt facility with capacity to process, treat, recycle, and dispose of both petroleum and domestic waste in Koko Delta state. The facility is well equipped and managed professionally Ebenco offers a wide range of services under her waste management business which include: Waste management information system | Waste treatment and disposal | Oily waste recycling | Construction and operation of waste disposal facility | Spill cleaning and environmental pollution control | Environmental management consultancy.

Downstream Supply and Trading

Twelve (12) loading arms with the capacity to load an average of 80 to 100 trucks per day, World-class laboratory for quality checks on all cargoes received. Ultra-Modern Truck Park with an average capacity of 60 trucks guarantees safety. With about 50% of her storage facility dedicated fuel oil and fuel blending capacity, Ebenco is projected to become a leader in the fuel oil market while developing other product capacity such as;· Trading and Supply Operations | Product Marketing and Distribution | Petroleum product storage and terminal services |· Fuel and Bunker trading operation | Trade Advisory and Market Intelligence.

Upstream Marine Support and Engineering Services

Ebenco's fleet of support vessels are constantly engaged to support various offshore operations. They are equipped with technologically advanced safety features, to always enhance safety. We provide a quality range of engineering maintenance services partnering the various operator to achieve efficiency and optimize cost in achieving production target. Ebenco owns and operate an engineering equipped to carry out major engineering services. Team is dedicated to help customers execute projects successfully as we provide the following:
·Warehouse and coordination base Management | · Fabrication and repairs of parts | Oilfield procurements & Supply | Manpower supply management | Technical support and Maintenance Services

Haulage and Supply Chain Operations

With a fleet of over a 100 trucks, Ebenco strives to ensure top value for her client by providing end to end Logistics services through our dynamic supply chain operation. We at Ebenco understand total logistic concept, leveraging multimodal transport and intramodal freight concept to ensure last mile logistics at destination of choice for customers. The supply chain efficiency defines our total operations as it the chain that supports the Ebenco business cooperation. This is archived via the following services: Intermodal freight planning and operations | Multimodal transport coordination | Petroleum product haulage Fleet maintenance and support | Experience and wealth of knowledge | Partnership built on solid relationships & business ethics | Proactive and solution-driven service approach | Customized solutions tailored to meet customer requirements and challenges | Dedication and efficiency in service delivery | Quality and standardized product/services | Cost satisfaction at optimal cost

Ship Management and Port Logistics Services

Ebenco owns a fleet of Marine vessels (Mary E, Mary E1), comprising of Tugboats (Pusher 12, User 1), Tankers (EGL Victor 1), Barges (Serial 1-5), world class crew change and Supply boats which are deployed to support the trading arm and to achieve its objective. The Ship management and terminal operations work to ensuring that every aspect of our vessel requirement is serviced. We utilize and optimize all the available tool to ensure effective turnaround time and cost.

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